About Me

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”  — Jonathan Swift

Wiwienne YANG

As someone who often looses the sense of existence, photography is doubtlessly a relatively unrestrained way to go about the world. When I wander around with my camera uninterveniently, the imageries I gather on my journeys are not means to explore the world, but ways through which I piece myself together. To put it another way, photography is never ‘artistic creation’ out of nothing, instead, what I can do is to attempt to grab the scenes that capture me, using my own logic of deduction and leaving my signature. Be it portrait, street snapshot or scenery, every photo is like a piece of my self-portrait, or a moment in the unconscious, each pointing to myself. I don’t think I’ll every find out how I look despite the piecing together, all that I can do is follow those traces of had been’s or continues to be’s, and, carry on.



Wiwienne is a portrait and fine art photographer, studied photography in Paris, now based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.




Spéos Paris Photographic Institute, Paris, France
    European Master degree – Major Studio Photography 

Nanhua University, Chiayi, Taiwan
    Master degree – Major Aesthetics

Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan
    Bachelor degree – Major Sociology, Minor History


2015   MIFA (Moscow International Foto Awards, Moscow) Professional “Advertising / Self-Promotion”  First Place

2015   MIFA “Book (series only) / People”  Honorable Mention Award

2015   PX3 (Prix de la Photographie, Paris)  Professional “Advertising / Catalogues”  First Prize

2015   PX3 “Portraiture / Self-Portrait” Honorable Mention Award

2015   PX3 “Portraiture / Children” Honorable Mention Award

2015   PX3 “Nature / Landscape_N” Honorable Mention Award

2014   IPA (International Photography Awards, USA) “People / Portrait” Honorable Mention Award 

2014   IPA “People / Lifestyle” Honorable Mention Award

2014   PX3 “Press—People / Personality” Honorable Mention Award 

2013   IPA “Fine Art / Portrait” Honorable Mention Award

Solo exhibition

2015 – Kaohsiung x Paris– Le Bon Marché – Kaohsiung , Taiwan

2015 – Vues d'enfance– Le Bon Marché – Kaohsiung , Taiwan

2014 – Mon Paris– Trees can be – Kaohsiung , Taiwan

Group exhibition

2018 – Photography Night (Tainan International Foto Festival)– Wu Yuan Cultural Park – Tainan , Taiwan

2018 – Young Photo (Kaohsiung Photo) – Pier 2 Art Center – Kaohsiung , Taiwan

2018 – Wonder Foto Day – Songshan Cultural and Creative Park – Taipei , Taiwan

2017 – Beyond Limits: 2016 IPA Best Show X Formosa’s Photo Elite – Pier 2 Art Center – Kaohsiung , Taiwan

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